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Have you ever felt the need to say "hi" to someone across the room or restaurant or conference or any other venue, but for some reason  you felt intimidated to do so.  

iice breakers allows you to introduce yourself  to the person of interest, by sending them a message if they are on the app. Saving you the time and let down if the person is not interested. 

We want to encourage our users to search and find people with similar interests based on the venue you select. Our goal is for you to use this platform to feel comfortable enough to approach a person or be approached.


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The way iice breakers works is quite unique. 

Unlike the other apps where you have to swipe for business or personal purposes, we believe that true networking starts with a positive and physical approach. 

  • It shows the user who is nearby not by a range of miles but the ACTUAL location.  (Starbucks, hotel conferences, universities, bars, airports etc.)

  • Once you select where your venue, iice breakers then display a list of other members. You will have a list of other members in your selected venue to network / connect with.

  • You can connect with someone by "breaking the iice", and if they respond back, you may start messaging on the app directly.

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